Deacon Bill Burleigh

After completing his sixth book about St Marie’s Cathedral, Deacon Bill Burleigh is taking a rest from writing.

  The complete set of books comprises the big Guide Book full of great photos by parishioner, Bob Rae, a book about the seven rare medieval alabaster panels displayed at St Marie’s, a book of devotional reflections based on the many ways in which Our Lady is portrayed in the cathedral’s stone and stained glass and the three history books about Catholicism in Sheffield and in the parish of St Marie from 1549 until 1980.

  Bill’s history books have been featured recently in The Universe, Yorkshire Post and Sheffield’s Star newspaper.  “The story of the injustices towards Catholics in and around Sheffield following the Reformation right up to Victorian times has been a discovery for many people,” said Deacon Bill.  “The struggles of poor Catholics in Victorian times, the contributions of key Catholics to the well-being of the growing city of Sheffield, the stories of the 67 parishioners who fell in World War One and the amazing story of the saving of the stained glass during World War Two are told in Parts Two and Three.  The history draws to a close with the background to the formation of the Diocese of Hallam that was finally achieved in 1980.

  “Through the six years of preparing the books, I have been helped in layout and design by Goerge Dawn at Mensa Printers, specialists in small jobs for churches.  All six books are available and on sale at St Marie’s.”

Photographs:  Bob Rae