The Hallam Justice and Peace Commission asked us to mark the centenary of the First World War and remember all those who lost their lives in the conflict.  The Bishops of England and Wales encourage the Catholic community to participate in local civic or ecumenical celebrations.  The Bishops will celebrate Requiem Masses in their Cathedrals on or near five key dates which have been identified as part of the anniversary celebrations:

25 April 2015  Gallipoli campaign

31 May/1 June 2016  Battle of Jutland commemorating the war at sea

1 July 2016  Battle of the Somme

31 July 2017  Start of the 3rd Battle of Ypres (Passchendaele)

11 November 2018  Armistice Day

Catholic parishes are asked to mark these important anniversaries on the nearest Sunday by offering Mass for all those who died and to pray in the intercessions for those currently serving in the armed forces, and for peace.

The Justice and Peace Commission are developing a four year plan.  In the first two years there will be a concentration on Deanery activities, engaging Deaneries in ownership of prayers for peace, recalling their fallen and signing a book of remembrance.  Some parishes are already looking at some of these ideas.  It is hoped to have a liturgical event in all Deaneries in the autumn of 2015.