Recently, members of the Sheffield branch of the Walsingham Association joined Leeds members, for an afternoon of recollection at Yeadon Mercy Convent.  Fr Ben Griffiths led the afternoon.

Walsingham Assoc trip to Yeadon s

Pat Smith relates the events: Fr Ben brought many postcards and pictures of processions, held day and night during Holy Week in Valladolid, where he had studied.

His talk painted so vivid a picture of colour and light, of devotion, fervour and the crowd’s raw emotion that you felt you were there.

Huge statues from churches are carried through streets, accompanied by bands and singing.  A much cherished statue of Our Lady and Child, desecrated with swords and axes by troops of Sir Francis Drake, was given to the English College, after rescue for veneration and reparation.

After Mass we left with plenty to contemplate and to help with our devotions for the following week.