It seems that everyone wants to visit St Wilfrid’s these days and Sheffield’s premier day centre for the homeless and vulnerable always extends a very warm welcome.

St Wilfrids VIP 2 s

In February St Wilf’s were delighted to welcome Craig and Karen McKay, the Master and Mistress Cutler who, during their visit, took part in a Karaoke session and had a great time laughing and joking with the clients.

St Wilfrids VIP 1 sOn the occasion of his visit Her Majesty’s Representative for South Yorkshire the Lord Lieutenant, Andrew Coombe was particularly impressed with the workshop and spent considerable time checking out with clients how things were made. The pottery figures also took the Lord Lieutenant’s eye and he complimented the work of volunteers and clients on their talents.

It is great to have all these titled people take an interest in the work of the Centre and it goes to show that there really is ‘Only One St Wilfrid’s Centre’.