Our photograph shows Vera and Fred Dalton, both members of St Thomas More parish, Parson Cross.  They both died in the last year but, prior to their death, they were very active members of their parish.  Vera was a member and one time President of the Union of Catholic Mothers.  Fred was a member of the SVP.

  Their daughter, Mary Longden, is very grateful to the SVP and tells us, “The work of the members of the SVP groups in Sheffield is truly amazing.  The work they do is underestimated.  My Mum and Dad both had regular visits from SVP members.  There are some sick, elderly, lonely and housebound people who would not see anyone from one week to the next if it were not for the SVP.  Let us hope the hard work, patience, kindness and dedication of the SVP continues for many years, with new members joining current members to help make this happen.”