A new Guide Book to St Marie’s Cathedral is now on sale.  Book 2 sComplete with almost one hundred photographs, it provides close up views of many beautiful decorative details as well as showing the new look of the Cathedral now that renovation and re-ordering is complete.  The new altar, bishop’s chair, ambo and font are all featured in their new positions.  Up to date, high quality photographs have been used, including detailed images within the big stained glass windows not easily visible to the naked eye.  Bob Rae, of St Marie’s parish, has taken these and many other photographs of St Marie’s since its re-opening and Deacon Bill Burleigh has written the enlightening text, often providing explanation to the symbolism and scenes in so much of the Cathedral’s decoration.

Book 1 s“Mary, Reflections and Readings”, by Deacon Bill Burleigh, prayerfully looks at more than thirty aspects of the life of Our Lady, each limited to a single page of text opposite a relevant photograph, mostly taken from the many images of Our Lady throughout our Cathedral.  Prayers, poems and quotations woven into the reflections range from St Ambrose to Zechariah, from St Bernard of Clairvaux to Vatican II, with the final page being given over to words of blessing and hope from Pope Francis, Pope Benedict and Blessed John Paul II.  The design and typesetting of this book was achieved with the help of Dr Derek Cullen.

Profits from the sale of both books are going to help pay for the renovation of the Cathedral.  Both books are available either from the Cathedral or from the author, bill.burleigh1@btinternet.com and are initially priced at £5 each.  For outlying parishes, the author can arrange to deliver a few initial copies on a sale or return basis.  Both books will be on sale in the Cathedral book shop.