Children from St Mary’s Catholic Primary School, Edlington, Doncaster are great supporters of CAFOD.

  In April a CAFOD schools volunteer was invited to tell them how money raised by CAFOD supporters helps people rebuild their lives after catastrophic natural disasters, in places like the Philippines.

  Through the story of the Three Little Pigs, they discovered that the gift of a pig and the gift of cement have given hope and joy to people who have lost livelihoods and homes, and enable whole communities to regain pride and dignity.

  The children from St Mary’s subsequently sent beautiful hand-made ‘thank you’ cards to their visitor, who was delighted to receive them.  These now have pride of place, displayed in the Hallam CAFOD office.

  Doncaster schools love to hear about CAFOD’s work, which not only reminds us of our social responsibilities to our brothers and sisters around the world, but which adds to children’s understanding about many other issues related to our Catholic faith and to the world in which we live.

  Do you live in Doncaster and WOULD YOU LIKE TO KNOW ABOUT BEING A SCHOOLS VOLUNTEER?  You can contact Rose at rkrzyz@cafod.org.uk for details.  Or ring Rita on 0114 2557204.

  One look at the faces of the children in school makes it so worthwhile!