July is a very important month for the Hallam News.  This month a digital version of the paper becomes available.  By logging on to www.hallamnews.com everyone can access this new version of the paper.

The Hallam News on line includes forthcoming events and news of happenings around the Diocese, just as the hard copy of the paper carries.  It will also feature more in depth articles on spirituality, theology and the work of major bodies operating in the Diocese and the issues they face and deal with.  The launch of the digital version of the Hallam News is the start of a more dynamic system of communication, which will reach the widest audience in the fastest way.  So that major events in the Diocese, for example, the appointment of our new Bishop, can be reported as the news breaks, rather than at the beginning of the next month when the paper copy is available.  The digital Hallam News is set up in such a way that it is possible to follow up articles of interest.  A click of a button will enable readers to go further into many news items and features for more details.

The site will also carry links to further topics and sites of interest.  There is a Calendar with an overview of current events in the Diocese.  Again, clicking on an event will provide the reader with further details of the proceeding including a map of the venue. The digital Hallam News will replicate the format of the hard copy.  A paper version will still be available in parishes for anyone who wants one.

Please remember that the Hallam News is dependent on people sending in to the Pastoral Centre items of news and interest.  This can be done by email hallamnews@hallam-diocese.com, by letter to Hallam Pastoral Centre, St Charles Street, Sheffield, S9 3WU or over the phone 0114 2566406.  The Communications Commission is comprised mainly of volunteers.  There are no photographers or journalists to follow up stories.  So please continue to send in material celebrating and recording the work of our Diocese.  In this way we hope the whole Diocese can be involved in and benefit from the improved communication across the Diocese, which the Diocesan Hallam News provides.

Marian Bolton, Editor