Monica and Jonathan Mason relate their experience of a valuable and meaningful Bible Course.

We recently had the opportunity to take part in a Bible Study Course called the ‘Great Adventure’ of which we did part 1, namely ‘The Bible Timeline’ by Jeff Cavins. It was run at The Annunciation parish in Chesterfield.

  We found the course to be insightful and spiritually enriching, giving us a much deeper understanding of both the Bible and our faith.  The Bible Study was so exciting that from day one we thought it couldn’t get any better, but it just kept delivering.  It was an absolute pleasure to attend these presentations and it left us hungry and thirsty to know even more about the ‘Word of God’.

  We find ourselves delving deeper into the Bible which, in all truth, we did not understand very well before this course (we thought we did).

  This course truly does open up the scriptures and salvation history, showing how the Old Testament is fulfilled in New.  Should you get an opportunity to go on this course it comes highly recommended, especially for those seeking a better understanding of both the Bible and the faith.