Saturday, 18 November was a special day for the parish of St Marie’s Cathedral and those who volunteer for all the many ministries and tasks that need to be done in this busy parish.

  There was a large congregation, including many of the volunteers, at the 12.30 Mass.  The Music Group led  the singing and Fr Chris Posluszny thanked all those who helped in so many varied ways to enhance the work of the parish.

  After Mass, a truly magnificent feast had been prepared by volunteers and organised by the Parish Pastoral Council.  The Houlden Hall was decorated and had a really festive atmosphere.  During the festivities, Candida Calvert, on behalf of the Parish Pastoral Council, thanked all the volunteers.  She included everyone from the Altar Servers to the Youth co-ordinators and said that she had counted over 150 individuals who helped in the running of the parish.

  The Big Thank You, which has now become something of a tradition at St Marie’s, was thoroughly appreciated and enjoyed by all the volunteers who attended.