Stories of all sorts are being written and told at a Sheffield school where youngsters are busy Telling Tales.

That is the name of an innovative project under way at a group of primary schools in the south east of the city –St John Fisher and Rainbow Forge in Hackenthorpe, Birley, Charnock Hall and Birley Spa.

St John Fisher got into the swing of things with a special day where pupils came dressed as their favourite characters – including Harry Potter, Superman, Dracula and Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz.

Ian Smith, English co-ordinator, said it was not all about writing, as stories were meant to be heard as well.

He said, “Every class in every school is involved and teachers have used different jumping-off points to get the children thinking, such as a magic box filled with interesting artefacts.  The best stories from every school will go on to a final at Birley Community College, where they will be judged by a panel including a leading local author.  My class is focusing on monster stories inspired by folk tales, which has provoked good work.”

Staff working in the primaries are being encouraged to get involved as well.  Frank Barrett, St John Fisher headteacher, said the school was planning to create a gallery to celebrate the children’s writing talent.

“It’s all about creating excitement around writing and the whole storytelling process.”  He said, “The idea is each pupil will have their best piece of work on display, and they will be encouraged to replace that work as often as possible.”

Pupils at St John Fisher Catholic Academy in Hackenthorpe, have dressed up as their favourite book characters. Our picture shows teacher Adam Broadhead with year 4 pupils in their outfits.

Pictured above, children at St John Fisher School enjoy dressing up and getting into character.

Photograph courtesy of The Star, Sheffield