St Wilfrid’s Volunteers

Thank you to everyone who has volunteered with us over the last year. From wonderfully warm welcomers to cheerful café contributors, everyone who volunteers gives something very special to the Centre and your input broadens the care and support we can offer.  Clients and staff thank you.

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who has supported us financially over during the last year. We are constantly overwhelmed by the generosity of those in the Diocese and beyond, who give to those less fortunate.  Thank you to those who signed up for Gift Aid –this helps us even more.

St Wilfrid angels

Thank you to everyone who has supported the Centre by making purchases from our talented workshop. We hope to increase and diversify our sales next year so please keep in touch to find out more.

Meal tickets

You may have seen Sheffield’s anti-begging campaign. The network of support for homeless and vulnerable people across the city is encouraging those who want to help people they see on the street to contribute to the many services rather than giving cash direct.  St Wilfrid’s supports this initiative because money given can go further to help those who need it if it’s given to an organisation rather than an individual.

St Wilfrid’s sells £2 vouchers which can be exchanged for a meal, shower, clothes, washing machine/tumble dryer use. These can be purchased directly from the Centre and given out by you.