Over the last 28 years, St Wilfrid’s Day Centre has helped thousands of people, providing a safe space for vulnerable adults in Sheffield to come and participate in a range of social activities, building confidence and learning new skills.

For many of those visiting the Centre, homelessness was either an imminent threat or a daily reality and, although the day centre provided crucial support, the trustees at St Wilfrid’s felt that more could be done.


St Wilfrid’s Place – a new residential support service

After a long period of research and fundraising, St Wilfrid’s Place was opened in 2017, with twenty self-contained flats providing supported living for vulnerable adults for up to two years.  All twenty units have now been allocated, and two tenants have already made the transition to living independently.

Mark Wheen, from Great Places Housing Group, has been leading the staff team since the launch.  He commented, “It has been a real privilege to work with our tenants over the last twelve months, helping them to develop their confidence and skills and to prepare for independent living.”

Supporting St Wilfrid’s

We are very grateful to all the wonderful individuals and companies who financially support our work.  If you are not already a supporter, could we ask you to consider making a donation to help fund St Wilfrid’s Centre’s work with vulnerable adults.

For more information please visit https://www.stwilfridscentre.org/donate.

A Client’s Story

Julie (not her real name) was abused as a child, and the impact of the abuse was increased when her family did not believe her account of what had happened.  Julie subsequently developed mental health issues, particularly depression, which made it harder for her to socialise with others.

Attending St Wilfrid’s has enabled Julie to gain confidence in making friendships.  She now participates fully in the centre’s activities and trips, where she feels safe and she “can cope much better with everything”.

Walking for St Wilfrid’s

The annual Bishop’s Walk is a key highlight of the St Wilfrid’s calendar.  In September, supporters, clients and staff joined Bishop Ralph to walk twelve miles in the Peak District and raised £10,000 for the Centre.  This year we were thrilled to be joined by teachers and pupils from many of our local Catholic schools.

Carol Concert

  We are holding our first ever Carol Concert, featuring community choir BeVox at

St Marie’s Cathedral on Thursday, 20 December. 

We would love to see you there and you can book tickets via ttps://www.stwilfridscentre.org/events.

Celebrating St Wilfrid’s Volunteers

St Wilfrid’s Centre was founded by volunteers and around twenty volunteers support the centre each day.  Volunteers contribute a staggering 1,000+ hours a month.  In recognition of their work, our volunteer team has recently been short-listed for Voluntary Action Sheffield’s ‘Make a Difference’ award.

In June we hosted a celebration to recognise all our volunteers and to give awards to those who, this year, had reached landmarks of 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 years.