At St Thomas More Catholic Primary School, Sheffield, we had such an exciting month celebrating and reflecting on the Extraordinary Month of Mission.

  We kicked-off with a collective worship assembly, which highlighted the activities and reflections for the Extraordinary Month of Mission.  This focussed on how the Extraordinary Month of Mission is an initiative of Pope Francis.  We also shared the Extraordinary Month of Mission’s aims, which were to encourage all members of our Catholic community to recognise themselves as missionary disciples, working and praying together to share God’s love with everyone, everywhere.  We also shared all of the information to our parents within our weekly newsletter.

  Each class displayed the Extraordinary Month of Mission calendar, which consisted of the daily reflections and messages.  This was read every day in each class as a time for reflection, prayer and collective worship.  During this time, each class also prayed the daily Extraordinary Month of Mission prayer for children.

  For one of the projects, all classes created a part of the Mission Rosary for a whole school display, which was showcased during our parents evening.  The children were informed how the Mission Rosary fits in with the Extraordinary Month of Mission initiatives and what each section of the Mission Rosary represented.  Then each class was allocated a section of the rosary and instructions on how they could design and create their theme within a circle template that would form a bead on the rosary.  Then our Mission Rosary was put together for our whole school display.


RE homework was also sent out in order to get parents/carers involved in the Extraordinary Month of Mission.  The homework allowed for the children to design and create some artwork for the whole school display linked to the Extraordinary Month of Mission project.  The children were asked to become artists and create a poster representing the theme ‘Our Mission: To Share God’s Love with the Whole World’.  Two winners from each class were added on whole school display.  These children also received certificates and a holding cross as an RE prize in our weekly celebration assembly.

  Lastly, we finished off our celebrations and reflections by holding an end of month final reflection in each class.  We had such an incredible month focussing on this wonderful initiative of Pope Francis.

Mrs Jessica Lord, RE Co-ordinator and class teacher