School Governors play a vital role in the life of our schools across the Diocese.  One such Governor was Glynn Davidson, who was a Governor at St Mary’s Primary School, Chesterfield for many years.

  Former Headteacher, Marian Bolton, said of Glynn, “Physically he was a great bear of a man.  We all knew him, however, as a gentle giant, who was concerned for the well-being of each of us, staff and pupil.  He brought his professional skills into school too and ensured the standard of health and safety in our school was outstanding.”

  Glynn died in Ashgate Hospice, Chesterfield in 2016.  He is still very fondly remembered by the school community.  Year 3 and their teacher, Cheryl Linacre, chose Ashgate Hospice as their class charity for 2018-2019.

  Each year the Hospice holds a Markovitz Sparkle Night Walk.  Not wanting their age or bedtimes to stop them from missing out on the fun of The Sparkle Night Walk, the school decided to hold their own event.  A Mini Sparkle Walk was held in The Queen’s Park, Chesterfield.

  Each child was supported by friends and family members.  The children used the first lap of the walk to remember Glynn, then reflected on their own family members and loved ones they had lost.  They then hopped, skipped, jumped and did the Conga around the park and had great fun.  Pupils then went to school for a sleepover.  Each child received a certificate and a medal from Ashgate Hospice.

  Mrs Linacre told the Hallam News, “The children were so well behaved and thoroughly enjoyed the whole event.  They raised an amazing £2,000, which will go to the fund set up by Lesley Davidson, Glynn’s wife.”

  The children’s efforts helped Mrs Davidson’s fund to reach a staggering £16,323 to help the work of The Ashgate Hospice.

Well done everyone!  R.I.P. Glynn.