Sean McClafferty

Sean McClafferty

Headteacher, Sean McClafferty, tells the Hallam News, “We are very proud to announce that last week our school received a letter from David Laws, MP, Minister of State for Schools, informing us that we are to receive a ‘Pupil Premium Award’.

“We were selected for this award as one of the highest achieving schools in the country in terms of the attainment and value-added progress of our more disadvantaged pupils.  We are the only secondary school in Derbyshire and one of only three schools in the East Midlands to achieve the requirements for the award and were delighted to learn that we will be receiving a £5,000 prize as a result.

“The school performance tables that were released last month show that all pupils at St Mary’s make excellent academic progress regardless of their academic starting point or their background.  Pupils of all ability levels and pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds made progress gains well beyond national averages and all groups showed significantly positive value-added outcomes.

“I would like to thank all our staff, governors, pupils and parents for their hard work and success.”