Recently, pupils from St Marie’s School, Sheffield wore bright coloured clothes, shared a simple lunch and donated their dinner money to charity to raise money for CAFOD’s Harvest Appeal, and collected tinned soup for local Grace Food Bank.  The CAFOD Appeal this year is focused on supporting children impacted by crime and gang violence in El Salvador.

Bernadette Twomey, a teacher at St Marie’s School said, “Our pupils have been learning about how so many children their age in El Salvador can’t do things that they take for granted because of the fighting that goes on in their communities, and how CAFOD is providing spaces where young people can enjoy their childhood in peace.  We had a great time dressing in bright colours, eating a simple homemade lunch and donating our dinner money to charity.  It’s inspiring to think that the money raised by our pupils will help to provide spaces for children to learn or play with their friends in a safe environment.

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“We are also mindful of our neighbours in Sheffield who need support and we have collected tinned soup to donate to the Grace Food Bank.”

More than 75,000 people were killed in a civil war in El Salvador in the 1980s and early 1990s, and violence and crime from gangs continues to affect communities.  CAFOD works with local partners in the Latin American country to reduce conflict and provide safe spaces where children are free to learn and play.


Helen Desforges, CAFOD schools coordinator in Hallam, said, “Every child has the right to live without fear.  Growing up in a peaceful environment is more than just growing up away from conflict – it’s about children having safe spaces to go to school, make friends, and achieve their full potential.  We would like to say a huge thanks to all the pupils at St Marie’s School for their generosity and for helping to bring about a bit more peace in the world.”

Pictured, pupils from St Marie’s School help prepare a fundraising lunch and Helen Desforges from CAFOD wears brightly coloured clothes along with a pupil from the school.