St Catherine’s Academy asks, “How Do You Pray?”

Faith representatives with the school council who chaperoned the visitors around

  Pupils at St Catherine’s Catholic Primary School, Sheffield have been growing in their understanding of other faiths by talking to faith representatives about prayer.

Dr Dhillon from the Sikh faith talks with the Y2 children

  St Catherine’s hosted representatives from six different world faiths as part of their work during Interfaith Fortnight.  Each year group was visited by all the representatives in turn.  The children asked them, “How do you pray?”, “What do you pray?” and “When do you pray?”

Imran Ali from the Muslim faith shows the Y3’s his prayer mat

  The visitors were also kept on their toes when they were asked about their views of heaven and hell and why they believed in God.

  The children showed intrigue and interest in all the visitors and were able to see key similarities and differences between faiths.

  One child said, “I really liked it that we got to find out about different faiths.  I like that they brought objects in that were important to them.”

Children wrote notes about each visitor to help them see the similarities and differences

  All the pupils also visited one of the six places of worship to reinforce their understanding of people of different faiths.

  Photos and videos were tweeted throughout the event using the hashtag ‘howdoyoupray’ and they can be viewed by looking at the school website:  https://www.stcatherines.academy/