Towards the end of last year, St Catherine’s Catholic Primary School celebrated forty years of the school on Firshill Crescent providing high quality education for the local community.

Headteacher, Fiona Rigby said, “All Catholic Schools have changed and developed over those forty years and St Catherine’s is no different.  Ours is a vibrant, diverse and outstanding Catholic Primary School.  Staff and Governors have responded positively to the changes in our community; brave decisions have been made, always in the interests of The Common Good and guided by Gospel values.  We are proud of our school and all that it has achieved and we really do look forward to the next forty years and supporting hundreds more children and their families.

“The Mass was a celebration of all that has gone before us, the work of so many who fought for the school to be built and then worked tirelessly to make sure it was successful.  It was also a celebration of all that is so good now and all the potential that we see for the future, for all children we are able to welcome into our school regardless of ability, race or religion.

St Catherine 3 s

St Catherine 2 s“Bishop Ralph came along to lead our celebrations.  He was assisted by Fr Albert Savaille and a number of children who read, sang and undertook other tasks in Mass.  Bishop Ralph congratulated the children on their behaviour, ability to proclaim the word and the real sense of dignity and spirituality they brought to the celebration.  During Mass Bishop Ralph blessed our new altar.

“The altar was designed by artist Jason Thompson as a mark of our forty years.  It has been designed to match the children’s lectern that we had made for the official “new” school opening.  It is beautiful.

St Catherine 1 s

Bishop Ralph anoints and blesses the new altar, with Fr Albert Savaille, Parish Priest of St Catherine’s Church

“We were joined in our celebrations by a number of retired staff and governors, including two previous headteachers!  Refreshments were served after Mass, the cakes and cookies were lovely and all prepared by our children.

“A great day was had by all!”