A Trustee of St Agatha’s Trust invites applications for grants

For some twenty years I have been a Trustee of St Agatha’s Trust, a charity of the Diocese of Sheffield. It was set up following the closure of a mother and baby home.  The fund is called Community Kickstart and it seeks to enable parishes and groups to become more socially engaged in the communities where they live.

Applications are welcome from all denominations and the main criteria is that it is situated in the Anglican Diocese of Sheffield, which is similar to Hallam but not co-terminus.

Over the years this has made many contributions to kick-start small projects in some of our parishes. A few examples are: providing kitchen utensils for a lunch club, musical instruments for a new group, setting up a counselling service.  It has also helped some of our larger projects such as St Wilfrid’s Centre, SVP Furniture Store and Carmel Care, when they are trying to start new aspects of their services.  It also helped fund an awareness raising day for mental health issues.

The grants are small – usually up to £500 – and the form filling is fairly simple. The fund focuses on community projects and does not fund religious, building or vehicle projects.

If your parish/group is planning something along these lines, why not apply to St Agatha’s?

More information is available from the Diocese of Sheffield website http://www.sheffield.anglican.org/grants or contact me at: sheila.kennedy1@sky.com.

Please leave your telephone number if you would like me to ring you.