On Thursday, 19 November, St Vincent’s Furniture Store held their 28th Annual Meeting.

Furniture store Annual Meeting 2015 sEvery year a guest speaker is invited to come and talk about their work and how the Furniture Store impacts on this. This year Paul Blomfield MP agreed to come along as our speaker.  The Furniture Store is actually based in Paul’s constituency and therefore it was very fitting that he attended the meeting.

Paul spoke about the fact that he had been brought up to avoid waste and had therefore given to the Store on a number of occasions. Although his politics are led by his beliefs he is keen that politicians should also be practical.  His constituency includes some of the wealthiest parts of the city and some of the most deprived areas, and he is aware that there is a great willingness to help and a great need.  Comparing the work of the Store to that of the S2 food bank, with which he is deeply involved, he said that it was vital that the work of the Furniture Store continue so that sharing could continue.

He pointed out the extent to which Council funding had been cut over the past few years and said that he was glad that the Council had been able to continue its support to the extent that it does.

Mike O’Callaghan, Chair of the Management Committee, thanked Paul for coming along and also for his support and positive words.

Paul Blomfield MP is pictured on the right with Mike O’Callaghan and Lorraine Healy, Manager.