On Friday, 9 March, the children of Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School, Hillsborough, came together to celebrate a very special Mass.  It was the 50th Anniversary of the ordination of Fr Shaun Smith, their Parish Priest.  Fr Shaun was due to retire on 1 April so the Mass was a wonderful opportunity for the children and staff to thank Fr Shaun and to let him know what a much-loved part of Sacred Heart Parish and community he had been for over 20 years.

Left to right: Mrs Pilkiw (Head Teacher 2002-14), Bishop Ralph, Margaret Bowers (Head Teacher 1988-2002), Fr Shaun, Kate Kelly (current Head Teacher)

Mass was celebrated by Bishop Ralph with school governors, parents and many former members of staff attending, including two previous Head Teachers, Sue Pilkiw and Margaret Bowers.

  The children raised the roof with their wonderful and enthusiastic singing, they read beautifully and there was a very moving liturgical dance to the Whitney Houston song ‘I look to You’.

  At the end of the Mass, the children presented Fr Shaun with a variety of gifts they had made for him, including a special, framed picture of a heart on which every child in school had put their fingerprint.  Refreshments were served afterwards for invited guests, followed by a shared lunch with existing staff and governors.  It was a wonderful day of celebration.