Hazel Dawson, parishioner of St Joseph and St Nicholas, Moorends, celebrated her 90th Birthday in style at the end of August.

  Following morning Mass parishioners and Parish Priest, Fr Santosh Vazhappally, held a party for her with a special birthday cake.  Other parishioners surprised Hazel with a ‘make over’ of her garden, planting a standard rose bush as a gift from the parish.

  Hazel spent her early years in Birmingham and remembers clearly being evacuated to Derbyshire on 1st September, 1939 as a 10 year old schoolgirl as a precaution as war was expected.  Hazel’s mother died before the war ended, so she found employment on reaching school leaving age and did not return to Birmingham.  Hazel became a Catholic in 1954.  She married in 1956 in Burton on Trent and moved to South Yorkshire with her husband and two children in the 1960s.

  Hazel has been a member of the parish for over 50 years, assisting with bingo for 30 years and arranging flowers for many years.  She was delighted to celebrate her birthday with her ‘parish family’ and grateful for their care and generosity.