Emmanuel Lay Carmel (Copy)The reception of Emmanuel to the 3rd Order of Carmel took place on 9 April at Mother of God Church, Sheffield at the Mass celebrated by Fr Joseph Okeke for members of Sheffield Lay Carmel.Emmanuel Sebastian and Jack Lay Carmel (Copy)

Jack Lay Carmel (Copy)Sebastian and Jack were enrolled in the brown scapula at the April meeting by Fr Joseph Okeke.Sebastian Lay Carmel (Copy)

Saturday, 11 June is a special day for the Sheffield Lay Carmel Group as its members make their Holy Year of Mercy Pilgrimage to St Marie’s Cathedral.

The day begins with Mass for the Feast of St Barnabus.

This Holy Year of Mercy, a time of grace and blessing, is also the 450th Jubilee of St Mary Magdalen de Pazzi, a Carmelite nun and Patroness of the Third Order of Carmel.