Sheffield Lay Carmel held elections at their September meeting, which the National Moderator for the Third Order of Carmel, Rosie Bradshaw, attended.

  As usual the meeting began with Mass celebrated by Fr Christopher Ainslie in the Day Chapel of Mother of God Church, followed by the scheduled elections for a new Council for a 3 year term.

  These elections had been delayed to allow for reflection and discernment for members for the renewal and commitment of their journey in Carmel in the choice of a new council.

  In the event a unanimous decision was reached.  Simon Godsell was elected leader, along with Stephen Marlow and Joseph Durham as Councillors for Sheffield Lay Carmel.

  The election of this new council has given Sheffield Lay Carmel a fresh impetus as the Carmelite Charisms of prayer, community and service are renewed as they are once again passed to a new council to guide and lead Lay Carmel locally in the service of the Church.