This spring, CAFOD is inviting everyone to walk around the world!  That’s 24,900 miles – which is a long way – but we’re not expecting you to do it on your own.  In fact, we’d like you to walk for as long or as little as you like, tell us about it and then we’ll add up all the miles and see if we reach our total!

  There is, of course, a point to this.  It’s an act of solidarity to Share the Journey with our neighbours all around the world, who are being forced to flee from their homes.     Back in September, Pope Francis launched the Share the Journey campaign worldwide.  His hope is to influence global leaders as they prepare to agree two new compacts: one on refugees and one on migration.  Pope Francis has spoken of this as a “unique opportunity” for Catholics worldwide to put pressure on governments to make global commitments which place human dignity of people on the move at their heart.

  There’s several ways you can get involved:

Go on a walk!  You can do this on your own but we’d suggest that it would be more fun to do it with your parish.  In Sheffield, an event took place on Saturday, 12 May, when parishioners walked from one of four meeting points to arrive in the City Centre.

  You can join us for the Sheffield Night Hike on 30 June.  If you’re interested, or would like to tell us about another walk you’re doing, please get in touch at hallam@cafod.org.uk or ring 07710 094454.  Remember, we need to know how many miles you’ve done so we can add them to our total!

Sign the petition to the Prime Minister  We’d love you to do this whether you walk or not.  You can do it online at www.cafod.org.uk or on our ‘Share the Journey’ Campaign cards, which you can order from us.

Donate to support CAFOD’s front line work with refugees around the world.

Find out more from the CAFOD site: www.cafod.org.uk and by listening to refugees’ own stories.

Encourage others – family, friends, parish, colleagues to do all the above.

  Every step you take and every card you sign, together with others from across the country, will send a message to world leaders that they must step up too.  We’d love you to join us.