The Diocese of Hallam has been represented as two pairs of shoes from a Sheffield couple were donated to a public act of solidarity artwork curated by the international development charity CAFOD as part of a global campaign to stand in solidarity with refugees.

  Angela and David Wood got involved in the around the world challenge as part of the Share the Journey campaign.  Initially, the target was for CAFOD supporters to walk once around the world – 24,900 miles.

Angela and David Wood

  Since the launch of the campaign action earlier this year, more than 100,000 miles have been walked by people like Angela and David.

  Angela and David’s shoes sat alongside hundreds of others sent in from people across England and Wales, refugees in Calais, MPs and international CAFOD staff, in a path leading to the Piazza of Westminster Cathedral.  They signify the importance of bridging the needs of compassion and dignity to refugees.

  The Share the Journey campaign was launched by Pope Francis in September, 2017 and is being championed by Catholic charities such as CAFOD.  The campaign calls upon the Prime Minister to ensure the UK takes a prominent lead at a United Nations Assembly in New York, where world leaders will reach two new agreements on protecting refugees and migrants.

  Angela Wood, who is from Norton Lees, said, “Walking in someone else’s shoes is not always comfortable.  That’s what we’ve been trying to do in a small way with the Share the Journey campaign action, walking a mile in someone else’s shoes.  It’s not always been comfortable but it has served a purpose.”

  CAFOD’s local representative in the Diocese of Hallam, Angela Powell, added, “People from across England and Wales, especially in the Hallam Diocese, have really united in support of the Share the Journey campaign.  To have Angela and David’s shoes sitting alongside so many others was extremely poignant and shows just how widespread the support of this campaign has been.

  “Share the Journey will deliver a powerful message to world leaders that we want new global agreements that ensure refugees and migrants can live fairly and with dignity.”

  Find out how you can join the campaign at https://www.cafod.org.uk