Have you ever wanted to give something back to our community?

Peter Maycock, from St Thomas More Catholic Primary School, Sheffield shares his thoughts and experiences of school governorship and invites you to consider volunteering for this role.

Would you like to ensure our children and further generations of children are given the best start in their lives?

Have you got some spare time in the evenings?

Can you be responsible, act professionally and keep information confidential?

Ever thought of being a school governor?


  I won’t give you the spin that Parish Priests have given to people for a number of years, being a school governor is more than a couple of meetings per term.  I soon found this out!  Being a school governor can take up around 6 hours per term, it can take more but this is a realistic commitment.  During a term there would be a committee meeting, a Full Governing Body meeting, possibly a visit to school to talk to teachers and children and some preparation reading.

  School Governor duties are treated as civil duties by some employers in the same way that being a magistrate is.  This means you can ask for a reasonable amount of time out to carry out your duties.

  If you’re still reading this then you have now got past the hard facts.

  The rewarding part of being a school governor is that you get to work in a team of dedicated professional people who want to prepare our future generations with the best start in life they will get.  You get to see children enjoying their journey through education.  You get to help make the school a better place and help shape young people in a caring community.  You see the results year on year of a community dedicated to the improvement of teaching and the children’s all round experience of life.

  I’ve celebrated many of the successes of our school and our school children over my 14 years in office.  I’ve had some really trying times and I’ve put a lot of my own thoughts and my experiences at work back into the school.  I’ve got a lot out of it as well; I’ve made a lot of friends, I’ve met people from all walks of life, I’ve seen upset when things go wrong and I’ve seen joy when things go well.  I’ve received a lot of training for the role and I’ve taken many ideas from the governance back to use at work, so the experience does work both ways.  I treat being a school governor as a job.  I take it seriously.  I respect the people I serve with, I listen and think and discuss.

  If you’ve read all the above and you’re still interested, then maybe you could be someone to come and make a difference with us.

  You can speak to your Parish Priest or you can get in touch with me for a chat or you could come to school and see for yourself.

  Thank you for reading.  Email: PMaycock@st-thomasmore.sheffield.sch.uk.