Stephanie Beech great north run sThe September issue of the Hallam News carried an article about CAFOD worker, Stephanie Beech.  Stephanie was planning to take part in the Great North Run and invited readers to sponsor her for CAFOD.  Here is Stephanie’s update.

“Thank you to everyone who sponsored me for the Great North Run at the beginning of September.  I managed to raise £900 for CAFOD!  I completed the half marathon in 1 hour 45 minutes, which I was very pleased with.

“CAFOD is the Catholic Agency for Overseas Development which is part of Caritas Internationale, the second biggest charity in the world.  It has partners in over 40 countries across the world which means it is able to help people at a local level using local knowledge.  Currently CAFOD is doing a lot of work in both Syria and South Sudan to provide food, shelter, healthcare, clean water, sanitation and emergency supplies to thousands of people who have been forced from their homes due to the fighting.

“In September I started my gap year placement with CAFOD which is based in the Good Shepherd Parish in Lancashire.  I have been helping to fundraise in local schools as well as the parish and attending many CAFOD events such as the One Climate, One World campaign.  This aims to target government party leaders to tackle climate change which is the biggest threat to reducing poverty today.

“Thank you again to everyone who sponsored me, and remember prayer is an important part of CAFOD’S work, so please take the time to say a prayer for those around the world struggling with food.”