Does your Parish have a Safeguarding Rep?

Do you know what a Parish Safeguarding Rep does?

Would you like more information about becoming a Parish Safeguarding Rep?

The role of the Parish Safeguarding Representative is to help promote a culture of safeguarding, where the parish community is aware of safeguarding issues, and help ensure safeguarding is understood as an essential part of the life and ministry of the Church.

  Working in partnership with the Parish Priest and Diocesan Safeguarding Office, Parish Safeguarding Reps are vital volunteer roles which raise awareness about safeguarding by ensuring national Catholic Safeguarding Advisory Service policies and procedures are followed to create a safe environment for all children and adults who may be vulnerable.

  Parish Safeguarding Reps also play an important part in the safe recruitment practice of all volunteers in Church ministry roles, (including carrying out Disclosure and Barring Service checks).  This practice helps the Church in its aim to ensure that anyone applying to work in roles that gives them direct access to children or adults who may be vulnerable, are selected with the utmost care.

  Together with the Parish Priest, Reps are available to be consulted on safeguarding matters and are a point of contact for parishioners and volunteers who may wish to speak confidentially about any concerns they may have.

  Parish Safeguarding Reps are fully supported by the Diocesan Safeguarding Office and will receive a comprehensive induction after being appointed.  There is an expectation for Reps to attend annual training sessions relevant to the role and to maintain regular contact with the Office.

  Previous experience of safeguarding would be preferable for this role.

  If you would like more information about the role of the Parish Safeguarding Rep or would be interested in applying to become a Rep then please contact Jo Pearson, Safeguarding Administrator, on 0114 2566453 or jpearson@hallam-diocese.com to discuss the recruitment process.

  We are always looking to recruit more Reps to cover parishes that do not have a Rep or to support/replace existing Parish Reps who would like to stand down.  We are grateful for those who give their time and expertise to promote safeguarding within the Church, helping us to secure the welfare of everyone in our midst.