The children from the Holy Family School, Stainforth recently visited their local Catholic Parish Church, Our Lady of The Assumption.  There they experienced faith in action, exploring the issues faced by asylum seekers and refugees around the world.  They did this by engaging in role play, by taking part in a discussion session and by watching a short video.

  The children were divided into family groups.  Within these groups they had to quickly build shelters because a huge storm was coming.  Their only resources were sticks, plastic, string, tape and a few weights.  As they completed their difficult task, fierce security guards came shouting in a language they did not understand and smashed the shelters and shooed the children away.

  In their groups the children discussed what had happened and how they felt during the different experiences.  They all agreed that a refugee’s life is very hard.  They also did not realise just how many refugees there are across the world.

  Towards the end of the day, the children watched a video about bread making and sharing in the Moria Detention Centre on the Greek island of Lesbos.  Then they sampled freshly baked pitta bread with a variety of toppings.

  The day proved to be a very different experience for the children.  An experience that made them realise that the Church is not just a building but a community of challenge, hard work, sharing love and care for others as Jesus showed us.

The children use the materials provided to build makeshift shelters and then discuss the experience together