Year 2H were delighted when Lorraine from St Vincent’s Furniture Store dropped in to tell them all about the work that goes on at the Store.

The visit coincided with a project that the class have been doing on Heroes and as part of their work the children have been investigating ‘Real Life Heroes’.

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Lorraine told the children all about what happens at the Furniture Store and how they help local people. She also explained why St Vincent is the patron saint of the Charity, telling them, “St Vincent came from France, he had three brothers and two sisters. His own family were very poor and he was a little ashamed of them. When he was twelve, which isn’t much older than you are now, he went to a place called Dax, where he went to school.

“He went to University to study to be a priest, however he was doing this for all the wrong reasons. Vincent had seen and knew priests and he thought that they were rich, and he wanted to be rich.

“Eventually Vincent got fed up of chasing money and riches and he went to a village where he looked after the poor. For the first time in his life he was happy and everyone in the village loved him. He decided to dedicate the rest of his life to helping the poor and lonely and this is the reason why the St Vincent de Paul Society and the Furniture Store have him as their Patron Saint, because we help the poorest and loneliest people in our society.”

The children really enjoyed the afternoon and Lorraine commented, “They were all so eager to ask questions and chipped in with comments. It is so inspiring to see children wanting to know about St Vincent’s Furniture Store and also lovely to see them enjoying school life so much. Thank you so much to Miss Healy and her class for inviting me to tell them about our work and also for looking on us as one of their very own Real Life Heroes”.