On Tuesday, 16 July, all of the staff and children at St Joseph’s Catholic Academy, Handsworth, Sheffield, dressed in pink to run their annual “Race for Life.”  This year the race was run for the first time on the new track around the school field.

  This year was particularly special, as the event was used to honour the late Jeff Mason.  He was a key figure of St Joseph’s Parish, and a school Governor for many years.

  Jeff had always had a keen interest in sport and had been a PE teacher in his youth.  Tragically he had an accident when cycling when he was younger, this left him paralysed and in a wheelchair for the rest of his life.  Jeff didn’t let this burden hold him back and continued to support the school, lead scout groups and manage cricket teams, and much more.  He truly was an inspirational man!

  When he passed away in 2017 he left St Joseph’s a sum of money.  The school made sure that this was put to good use and had a mile track laid, around the beautiful school field.  This track has been named “Mason’s Mile” in Jeff’s honour.

  The whole school had a fantastic time and agreed that it had been a really memorable day.

  Jeff’s sister, Audrey, joined the school for the event.  She said that the track was extremely fitting and that Jeff would have loved it.  She said that if he had been with us, he would have led the race in his wheelchair!

Headteacher, Debra McFarlane