Candlelight Vigil for Syria  St Bernard 3 s

St Bernard’s High School held a vigil for Syria on Friday 14 March to coincide with the third anniversary of the start of the civil war.

In holding the occasion, St Bernard’s joined people all over the world who took part in vigils from Washington to Moscow.

Teacher, Mrs Davis said, “The vigil is to show the people of Syria that they are not alone.  Nearly half of Syria’s population are in need and are suffering every day as a result of the conflict.  We hope that in joining people around the world, we can push for urgent action to ensure Syrians in need can access the help they need.”

Half of all Syrian refugees are children and the Y7 students have been taking part in Oxfam’s ‘Seen and Heard’ campaign, for which they collected postcards sharing the stories of refugees, in the hope that Syrian voices do not go unheard.

The ‘Seen and Heard’ postcards, which also contain personal messages from the pupils, will be sent to our local MP Sarah Champion.  The campaign is calling for world leaders to do more to help end the conflict.

The vigil was organised with the help of Year 7 pupils, who have also been working on a project entitled ‘My Syrian Friend’ in which they have been learning about the struggles many Syrians face.


St Bernard 2 sSoup and Bread Lunches for CAFOD

CAFOD hold their annual family fast day during Lent and St Bernard’s Catholic High School always try and support the excellent work they do.  For one week students were given the opportunity to purchase a simple soup and bread lunch for £1.

Many students took part expressing empathy to those millions who go without every day.  Lucy, a year 10 student, told us, “It is important that we take these opportunities to experience what those less fortunate than us go through on a daily basis.”


Fairtrade Stall

During Fairtrade fortnight, students from year 8 held a Fairtrade bun sale.  Using Fairtrade produce they made a wide variety of goodies including banana bread, cookies and delicious banana milkshake.  Mrs Davies, who organised the sale through her PHCSE class, said, “Fairtrade fortnight is an opportunity for us to reflect on how fortunate we are to live in a free society with a minimum wage and good working conditions.”

St Bernard 1 s