Children at St. Bede’s Catholic Primary School are deepening their relationship with God as well as enjoying his wonderful nature by praying in the lovely prayer garden.

After much needed maintenance in the pond area, which has been lovingly completed by the dedicated PTA, it was decided that the empty area next to the pond could be used as a reflective and peaceful area for the children.

With this in mind, the first prayer focus was during Lent and a simple cross was placed in the garden.  The children quickly came up with many other religious symbols that they wanted to place in the garden such as candles, hand-crafted flowers and their own personal promises and prayers to God.

St Bedes school grotto s

In the month of May, the garden was dedicated to Our Lady and a statue of Mary was placed in the garden alongside flowers, prayers and other signs of new life.  The theme changes each month.

The children really love to visit the garden during their free time.  Here are some of their comments.  “I find it really peaceful and I like to go there to thank God for all his wonderful things.” (Sam)  “The beautiful and pretty flowers help me to remember Mary, Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit.” (Charlie)  “I like to go there to speak to God and ask his advice.” (Grace)  “If someone is sad, they could go there and pray to God asking him how to be happy again.” (Finley).