On 11 May thirty-six parishioners and friends of St Peter-in-Chains, Doncaster, embarked on a day’s pilgrimage to Rievaulx Abbey and Mount Grace Priory.

  Within the magnificent ruins of Rievaulx, Fr Darren Reid celebrated Mass.  Unfortunately, the weather deteriorated somewhat after this and was extremely wet, but this did not spoil our visit to Mount Grace Priory.  The restored monk’s cell was very interesting.  Each monk had his own cell comprising of two storeys and a garden.  There was a living room, a bedroom and oratory (private chapel) on the ground floor, and a general purpose workroom on the upper floor.

  In Our Lady’s Garden, an extension of the Shrine of Our Lady of Doncaster, at St Peter-in-Chains Church are the Stations of the Cross around the garden perimeter.  Each Station features a stone used in the construction of a religious house dedicated to Our Lady and destroyed at the time of the Reformation.  The stone at the Fifth Station is from Rievaulx Abbey and the stone at the Fourteenth Station is from Mount Grace Priory.  Hence the significance of the Pilgrimage.