The Outreach group began more than 25 years ago, when a parishioner, Sr Anne Walton, was working in Africa and members of the parish who wished to support her in her work there, with people in need, began to look at ways of raising necessary funds.  Since then, other partners , both at home and overseas, have sought assistance.  Currently we have three main fundraising events each year, ‘Coffee, Cakes and Cuttings’, the parish raffle and ‘Coffee, Cakes and Crackers.’  We also ask people to provide loose change every month via the ‘Give to Live’ scheme, and Outreach are given a small percentage of the parish income once a year.  Disbursements are made twice a year, the main distribution being after Christmas, with another in July.

Only projects with which members of the Parish have some personal connection will be considered.  Priority is given to urgent needs, such as basic requirements for food, medicines, clean water, shelter, etc.

We recently received a letter from Mrs Gladys Rosemeyer, who works in Agra in India, where one of our parishioners, Terry Wright, has been involved over many years with projects helping people with leprosy and others who are marginalised and in great need.  We thought readers might be interested to share extracts from the letter.

“Dear Fr John, Frank, Angela, Terry and all members of Outreach
I am writing to thank each one of you in a special way for the cheque I received through Terry some time ago.  The reason for the delay is that I broke my left hand (due to very heavy rains we have had this year, I slipped and fell, fracturing my hand).  It is in plaster which is very heavy and uncomfortable.  I hope to be my normal self again soon – please pray for me.  In the meantime, I have done some charity work by distributing big black plastic sheets to put on the roof of homes which were leaking badly.  God bless you all for your kindness and generosity.”
Generally our policy is to support projects which benefit communities, rather than sponsor individuals.  We aim where possible to facilitate projects which may become self-supporting and sustainable in the future, without needing our long-term support.
Projects can only be considered for donations if there is an efficient way of transferring funds safely and with minimum bank charges.
Any member of the Parish is welcome to attend Outreach meetings, and we are always keen to recruit new members!
Application for Consideration
for Outreach Funding
To apply for consideration for Outreach funding, parishioners requesting donations give details of name, address, telephone number and email to Claire Parsons, 39 Smithy Wood Crescent, Sheffield, S8 0NT, tel: 01142588454, email:
profandco@profandco.plus.com, with information about the project – who, what, where, when etc, particularly details of how funds will be used, and what is their connection with the project.
The Grace Food Bank
The Grace Food Bank is a local charity set up in 2012 which collects donated food items with a long shelf life for distribution to people in need in the S8 area of Sheffield.  Currently 13 local churches representing different Christian communities are regularly collecting items, and there are about 40 volunteers who are involved in packing and delivering boxes and bags of food to the recipients.
As the management committee and workers are volunteers and storage facilities have been provided at no charge, overheads are low, but it is useful to have a fund in order to buy items from time to time if stocks are low, and to pay for boxes or parcel tape for packaging.
The contact person is Becky Kerns (Marshall), Foodbank organiser, 358 Lowedges Road, Sheffield, S8 7JF and she can be contacted with name, address and contact details of nominated recipient, including details of how any allotted funds can be safely transferred and accounted for.
To make a donation to the Foodbank, funds can be transferred to the Grace Foodbank account at the Co-operative Bank, Sheffield, sort code 08-92-99, account number 65590979.