Members of the prayer group from Our Lady and St James Church, Worsbrough went to St Peter in Chains, Doncaster to visit the Shrine of Our Lady of Doncaster.  Their Pilgrimage took place on a lovely Spring day.

Doncaster pilgrimage 1 s

Pilgrims walked around the grounds and prayed the Stations of the Cross in warm sunshine.  After saying the Rosary in front of the Rosary Garden, they went back into church to light candles and say prayers for family and friends.  They received a Pilgrims Badge as a memento of the visit.  This is an ancient tradition of pilgrimages.  The shrine of Our Lady of Doncaster is a hidden gem and proof that it is not necessary to travel vast distances to have a very satisfactory pilgrimage.

Doncaster pilgrimage 2 s