A key feature of the care and support we offer to vulnerable people who visit Carmel Care Centre is the midday meal. For some time we have been considering the need for the refurbishment of the kitchen.  This was a development very close to Bridget Warren’s heart, and we would like to honour her wishes.  Readers will know that she recently died and was paid a wonderful and well deserved tribute at her funeral.

Vivacity Choir, based in Sheffield

  To date we have received £1200 from Vivacity Choir who nominated Carmel to receive the proceeds from their Christmas Concert.  In addition to this we have received a generous donation from the Cooperative Group and, together with part of the proceeds from the Bards Concerts, the Kitchen Fund now stands at £5000.

  The estimated costs of the kitchen will be in the region of £12000.  If any groups or individuals would like to contribute, their donations will be gratefully received.  Carmel continues to thrive in no small means due to the work undertaken by Bridget and the volunteers over the years.  If readers know anyone who would benefit from visiting Carmel please telephone 0114 2335727 or drop in on Mondays, Wednesdays or Thursdays, 172 Dykes Hall Road, Sheffield, S6 4GS.

Stuart Hanlon, Diocesan Caring Services Co-ordinator