What do a Convent in Chesterfield and a town in Spain have in common?

They are both places of pilgrimage and prayer.

“Done it!” Mike Reynolds arrives at the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela

Mike Reynolds writes about his pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela.

  Doing the Camino is a great experience.  After thinking about it for about 15 years, I decided that, at 75, I had better do it – or else!

  I started my Camino in León, and just over 2 weeks later arrived in Santiago de Compostela; that’s 311 kilometres.  I met some great and good people, including an opera singer from Brussels who sang a magnificent Ave Maria at breakfast time in the pilgrim’s hostel.

A typical stretch of the Camino de Santiago

I had three reasons for doing the Camino: it’s a pilgrimage, I like walking and I love Spain.  There’s no better way to know a country than to walk it.  You not only see it up close, but you feel it, too, under your feet!  Walking, preferably alone, gives you time to reflect, and to know yourself.

Mike Reynolds at Cruz de Ferro, one of the highest points on the Camino, where pilgrims traditionally drop stones of repentance

  I managed to raise £810 in sponsorship for Hallam Caring Services and over £2000 for City of Sanctuary Sheffield.  Over a thousand of that total amount was raised at St William of York, on Ecclesall Road.  Sincerest thanks to my fellow parishioners for this support, and to everyone else who made a donation.