Mothers’ Prayers was formed to help those mothers who wished to pray together for their children and grandchildren.  Mothers’ Prayers was started in England in November, 1995 and has spread rapidly throughout the world with contacts in over one hundred countries and has the approval, support and blessing of Christian leaders of all denominations.  There are now thousands of groups around the world.

  A prayer group may be started with only two mothers.  Members meet every week and obey the strict rule of confidentiality.  During the meetings a mother may share her worries without the fear of anything being repeated outside of the meeting.  The other mothers support her in her prayer and she will feel supported by thousands of mothers around the world who are also part of Mothers’ Prayers.  There is a booklet of prayers to follow, but time is also allowed for spontaneous prayer.

  For the past five years a group of mothers from Mother of God, Sheffield has met fortnightly in each other’s homes.  Many blessings have been received and prayers answered as they have come together with a renewed confidence in the Lord’s goodness and grace.  For more information visit: www.mothersprayers.org or contact stym@hallam-diocese.com.