The Diocese of Hallam now has six men preparing for ordination as permanent deacons.

  They are among thirty-seven students from six dioceses taking part in the Northern Dioceses deacon formation programme, meeting regularly at Hinsley Hall, Leeds.

  The students come from the dioceses of Hexham and Newcastle, Liverpool, Leeds, Wrexham, Middlesbrough as well as Hallam.  The four year training involves wide ranging study at Leeds, formation and practical training in the home diocese and online study at home too.

  The photograph below shows the students and the supporting team at Hinsley Hall at the beginning of this fourth year of the multi-diocese formation programme.

  The first Hallam students from the programme are due to be ordained in their diocese next June.  For Hallam, this could bring the total number of active deacons to sixteen.

  For more information about the formation programme for permanent deacons in Hallam, contact Bill Burleigh, email: bill burleigh1@btinternet.com.