Preparing for a Lifetime Together Revised Programme

In the letter to the Ephesians St Paul says that the love of husband and wife is a model of the love that Christ has for His Church.  The revised Marriage Preparation Programme, “Preparing for a Lifetime Together” shows engaged couples how they can live their marriages so that they become visible images of Christ’s love.  This is their marital vocation.

  Recent research has presented a clear picture of what enables marriages to thrive for the long term.  The Diocesan programme uses that information to show couples how they can be that visible sign by providing them with the essential building blocks to live out the vision of marriage as a sacrament and covenant.  Pope Francis has said, “A marriage is not successful because it endures.  It’s the quality that counts.”

  The programme sets out in plain language the Church’s teaching about marriage and encourages the couples to reflect on the meaning of the promises they will make to each other during their wedding.  One key feature of the programme, which is highly valued by the engaged couples, is the profile of their relationship which is derived from an on-line questionnaire.  This shows the couple where the strengths of their relationship lie and the areas that they should work on.

  This revised version of the programme builds on the earlier edition.  Analysis of the feedback from the hundreds of couples in Hallam who have taken part shows how highly they rate it and their great appreciation of the effort put in by the married couples who lead them through the course.  Is this a ministry that you think that you might like to offer?   What you do need is to be able to share a little of your experience in your marriage.  Please give it some prayerful thought.  For more information please contact Susan Tym, stym@hallam-diocese.com, 0114 2566407.

  ‘Preparing for a Lifetime Together’ will be dedicated and blessed by Bishop Ralph at a Mass in Celebration of Married Life at the Cathedral on Saturday, 7 July at 12.30pm.  If you are engaged to be married, newly married, celebrating an anniversary or preparing couples for marriage, you and your family are warmly invited to join Bishop Ralph to celebrate and give thanks for the gift of marriage.