As part of its aim to become a more welcoming and inclusive parish, St Joseph and St Nicholas, Moorends held a ‘Many Nations, One Parish’ Event on the afternoon of 9 September.    Members of the parish family were invited to bring food representative of their country for all to share.  Over seventy parishioners attended.

  Parish Priest, Fr Santosh, (pictured with a world map) who hails from Kerala, India, cooked chicken curry and dhal and Deacon Ernesto had prepared a Venezuelan bean dish.

  There was a wide variety of food from Poland, Sri Lanka and the Philippines, including golabki, curries, spring rolls and egg tart.  More local dishes included Shepherd’s pie and Irish Colcannon.

  There were ball games for the children and a bagatelle challenge was popular with adults and children alike.  A quiz encouraged parishioners to ask each other about their ‘home countries’.

  Organiser, Tony Brookes said, “This is the best attended event we have had in many years and it has united our parish family.  The range of food to share was amazing.  Everyone has gone home very full and happy.  We are already planning to repeat the event.”