Caritas Diocese of Hallam have been asked by Caritas Social Action to circulate information on ‘Love in Action’, produced by the Diocese of Westminster.  Thoughts and suggestions please to Stuart Hanlon, Co-ordinator, shanlon@hallam-diocese.com.

  View the Love in Action website here: https://www.caritaswestminster.org.uk/love-in-action.php.

What is ‘Love in Action’?

  ‘Love in Action’ is an engagement programme which is designed to introduce your parish, youth group, school or faith-sharing group to the principles of Catholic Social Teaching.  Once you have completed the programme you will have the tools to start your own social outreach projects.

Why ‘Love in Action’?

  As members of the Catholic Church, we are all called upon to preserve the dignity of all human beings, to care for creation and to reach out to our sisters and brothers in need.  These principles form part of Catholic Social Teaching, a body of work developed by Church leaders over the centuries.  Pope Francis emphasises that it is our duty to work together to bring about a more just and peaceful world: to put love into action.

How does it work?

  Through ‘Love in Action’, you will be introduced to the six principles of Catholic Social Teaching through Sunday Liturgy, group activities and school assemblies.  The seven-week programme includes an introductory week to ‘Love in Action’ and then each week you will explore a different theme from Catholic Social Teaching.

  The ‘Love in Action’ pack includes the following resources:

  • Parish leaders and liturgy sheets
  • Take-away leaflets and sheets
  • Notes for children’s liturgy leaders and primary school staff
  • Resources for groups of young people
  • Media resources