We started the Liturgy Leaders group at St Joseph’s, Handsworth last September. We were chosen from Y3, Y4, Y5 and Y6 to lead our school in Liturgies and prayer times.  We also help out and lead the prayer group which is every Tuesday lunchtime for fifteen minutes of reflective art, guided meditations or quiet prayers.

  We have regular Liturgy Leader meetings and a suggestion box for any other pupils with ideas on how to add to our school prayer life.

  Here are some of the other Liturgy Leaders’ comments:

“We have really enjoyed being chosen by our friends to represent our school in this way.”

“I like being more involved”

“I like being closer to God”

“I like wearing our Liturgy Leaders badges”

“I like making new friends”

“Making prayers and doing prayer group has been fun“

“I like coming up with new ideas for prayer group”

Written by Hannah George, Year 4, St Joseph’s Catholic Academy, Handsworth, Sheffield.