Wilf Doyle (Copy)

Wilf Doyle

During the early months of the Second World War, Wilf Doyle was evacuated from his native Sheffield and went to live in rural Leicestershire. He started serving on the altar at St Gregory and Saint Alban’s in Sileby during 1940.  He must have proved to be a bit too much for the rural community, because after a couple of years they shipped him back to Sheffield where he continued his ministry at St Marie’s, now the Cathedral of the Hallam Diocese.  In 1945 Wilf was enrolled in the Guild of St Stephen and remained at St Marie’s for twenty-two years.

  In 1964 he moved to Leicester and served at the Immaculate Conception until 1984, when he moved to Markfield and became MC at the Sacred Heart in Leicester.  He remained there until 1998 when he moved back to the church where he had served fifty-eight years earlier.

  He has been responsible for training generations of altar servers, providing a glowing example to the young servers of today.  He is one of small select band of servers who have been awarded the gold medal of the Guild of St Stephen.

  On Christmas Day Wilf celebrated seventy-five years as an altar server. This must surely be some sort of a record.