The Executive Committee at St Catherine’s Primary School, Eve, Rim, Kaius and Jessica, have written an article on the topic of ‘Hungry for Change’.

  St Catherine’s pupils raise awareness for those living on the poverty line in their community.  Children, Staff and Parents come together to provide food to people who are less fortunate than them.  “A fun way to help those in need!” Kaius, Y6.

  It all started on 3 October, 2017, and by 25 October we had a mountain of long life food to give to the Burngreave Food Bank.  “I hope all the food goes to a worthy and true cause!” said Miss Franks, ICT Curriculum Specialist.

  On the final donation day, all the food was displayed to show how much food had been collected.  The liturgy linked to the RE curriculum.  Every child has been thinking more deeply about the wider world.  Children in Year 6 have been thinking about ‘How can small actions eventually change the world?’  Year 5 ‘What’s the difference between surviving and living?’ and finally Year 4, ‘Is it better to stand out or fit in?’

  Mrs Rigby, Head Teacher, and the Executive Committee (School Council) put together an outstanding Harvest Liturgy.  It was a great celebration and made everyone incredibly proud of what they had achieved!

  Later on that day, members of staff and some of the pupils took all the food down to Burngreave Food Bank (Rock Christian Centre, Spital Hill, Sheffield).

  The Executive Committee and the rest of the school are keen to continue to help and make a change to people in their local community!  “I’m really proud of my school and how we’ve raised awareness for those struggling in our local community,” said Eve, Y6.

If you would like to help Burngreave Food Bank their address is Rock Christian Centre, 177-195 Spital Hill, Sheffield, S4 7LF. Alternatively you can drop your tinned items at St Catherine’s Primary School, Firshill Crescent, Sheffield, S4 7BX.