Hallam News would like to print your news and pictures, and we have here a few straightforward guidelines for your submissions:

• Tell us what is happening in your parish, the events, the celebrations, the successes, the challenges and how you are meeting them.

• Don’t worry too much about writing perfect prose, just tell us who was involved, what happened, when it happened and why – and include your contact details (e-mail and telephone number) in case we need to check any of the details with you.

• Please submit your article attached to an e-mail as an MS Word document. We suggest that the length of an article for the News and Reports section would normally range from 300 to 500 words. It would be very helpful for our indexing system if you could indicate some keywords under which the article will be archived.

• If you have any pictures, then please send these as well. You can send up to three pictures per article. Make sure that the picture is in jpeg/jpg format and that it is at least 350KB in size. Remember to include a caption with the names of all the people pictured left to right and also include the name of the photographer.
In order to comply with National and Diocesan Safeguarding Guidelines, all photographs of children sent to the Hallam News for publication must be accompanied by a completed Diocesan consent form. The form can be downloaded here. Please fax 0114 2562673, scan or post this back.
We reserve the right to accept, modify or decline pictures or images that you have sent us or to substitute images at our discretion for technical or editorial reasons.

• Please do not use an article to advertise a product or service. If you wish to purchase advertising space, please click here.

• While every effort will be made to give full coverage, the Hallam News reserves the right to edit submissions and cannot guarantee publication.

• Event advertising – if you want your event to be announced on the home page, it is very desirable to include a featured image, in jpg format, 386 pixels wide x 170 high, maximum file size 60K, together with the details of your event. Please remember to include a contact name, email or phone number with you event listing.

• Email us your contribution to hallamnews@hallam-diocese.com. (Please noteby emailing us, you consent to your submitted details being collected, stored and used by the Diocese of Hallam only for the purpose or purposes for which you have provided them to us. Read more in our Privacy and Security Policy.)