The children in St Patrick’s Catholic Voluntary Academy Key Stage 2 planned, created, wrote, narrated and sang through a moving interpretation of ‘Journey to the Cross’. The children are a credit to a warm, devoted school community that shared in this inspirational presentation.

  The parents, families and parishioners filled the church and were mesmerised by this rich presentation.  The singing was powerful and ensured every child shone brightly.  The maturity displayed by the children embraced their school, their community and their faith.

  Pope Francis, reflecting in the letter, ‘The Joy of Love,’ emphasised the importance of celebrating our faith as a family: “… the family, often called the “domestic Church”, remains a foundational part of society.  Its health and vibrancy are vital for the health and vibrancy of the planet.  Our Catholic teachings and traditions, if properly administered, can nourish the family and help it to be ready for whatever it faces.”

  Many Catholic schools offer the opportunity for adults to return to the Church and reflect on their own faith.  This is one of many influential ways schools can have impact on individual lives and mindsets.